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is laughing good for you

It's Ok To Laugh At This :)


It can be so much fun to share a good laugh. Actually, laughing can actually improve your overall health... It’s true! 

Laughter  is good medicine and it brings people together in several different  ways which trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body! 

Laughter  strengthens your immune system, diminishes pain, boosts moods, and  protects you from the harmful side effects of stress. 

It's  a shame that we used to enjoy laughing a hundred times a day as kids,  but as adults life seems to be more serious and laughter becomes more  infrequent. 

By  seeking out more opportunities for humor and laughter, you will improve  your emotional health, strengthen your relationships, and find greater  happiness. 

The best part is that it can even add years to your life! 

So,  turn on a comedy, go to a live comedy show, call a good friend, spend  time with children, or even tackle a mascot if you have to...whatever  tickles your bones...it's worth it!  


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