Words of Clarity - Living With Anxiety and Depression

overcoming daily challengs

How Do You Handle Your Daily Crisis?

  ...Because we all have to and it isn’t easy for anyone.   We face a new challenge every day. You may not even realize it while it is happening, but you are facing new challenges several times a day. 

Whether it's making a difficult decision, finding a place of destination without directions, or answering a sensitive question from a loved one or a child.   

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how we handle these, and it's up to us to handle each situation in the manner we choose. 

And this really can define our character because it shows our true valor and integrity.   A person living with anxiety and depression faces a daily crisis/challenge by having to face the day with exhaustion, lack of motivation, feelings of being overwhelmed, or even worthlessness, hopelessness, or despair.    

And 1 in 4 people statistically are said to suffer with depression, and that’s just among those reported. To get up and face each day head on shows an insane amount of strength and courage for someone living with depression.   

It is so important to understand how to deal with depression. Counseling and medication helps, however, living with it is a daily challenge and it deserves to be seen as such. The same goes for people suffering with anxiety...it's the same deal! 

It is overwhelming to some to be in certain situations, such as driving over a bridge or even just driving at all! 

It shows great bravery to overcome and it's scary for many people living with anxiety that are not able to live up to their potential if anxiety is left untreated or ignored.   

It can become debilitating, yet, it is a learned behavior that needs to be unlearned. It is difficult, however it is possible and it can be done.  

So, if you are someone that faces these challenges, or even ones more severe than this, please know that you are brave and you are not alone. With ending the silence on facts or knowledge such as things like this, we understand ourselves more clearly, as well as others.   

Be kind to a stranger. You never know what they may be going through.   

Thanks for reading!  



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