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Hi Friends! I'm Tiffany and I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author and Host of my Radio Show "Moments of Clarity With Tiffany". 

My mission and passion is to educate and help end the stigma on mental health through my radio show with the inspirational stories of my exceptional guests and the articles and resources on this website.

Living with a mental health disorder is not easy. If you or someone you know  are struggling with this, please know it's so important to seek treatment and i'm here to help. 

Check out all the blog posts and resources on this site to help educate and inspire you to take action, because there's no shame in seeking help for mental health!

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Words of Clarity Blog

Healing From Injury


The trauma of childhood abuse is an injury in a very real sense. 

Are You Avoiding Or Accepting Your Life?

how to deal with divorce

Are you facing challenges in your life that test your emotional stability? Maybe you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce, indecision, or even a change in life toward a future that is uncertain. 

How Do You Handle Your Daily Crisis?

dealing with anxiety

Because we all have to and it isn’t easy for anyone. We  face a new challenge every day. You may not even realize it while it's happening...

Three Million People In The US Are Living With This

bipolar disorder

 Whether  you live with it or live with someone who has it, you may be well aware  of the issues associated with something that affects around 1 percent of  people. That’s around 3 million people in the United States! 

It's Ok To Laugh At This :)

how to feel happy

 It can be so much fun to share a good laugh. Actually, laughing can improve your overall health... It’s true! 

Why Is There Shame Associated With Mental Health Problems?

mental health stigma

  ...when it affects so many of us? It’s amazing that healthy mental health is essential to a happier way of life, yet, so many people are afraid to seek professional help  when it comes to things so common such as... 

Being The Victim of Bullying

bully victim


I’m overwhelmed by the fact that we continue to tolerate behavior that leads to severe outcomes, even death. You have seen it on TV, heard about it on the news, read about it somewhere, or actually experienced it yourself. 

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