Ending The Stigma on Mental Health

Welcome to Moments of Clarity - Helping End The Stigma On Mental Health

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"Moments of Clarity” (MOC) is the only live interactive counseling talk show in the Tampa Bay area!

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Reaching out to millions of listeners for over 2 years!

Moments of Clarity has been on the air for OVER two years! It has been  an inspiring journey so far and there is so much more to do in order to End the Stigma on Mental Health!

Thank you to all my wonderful SPONSORS and those that have helped my Moments of Clarity come this far!

Jeff Bell Voice Over and Executive Producer for Moments of Clarity

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Riverside Recovery of Tampa

Safety Harbor Behavioral Health and Counseling Center

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You all have contributed so much to help spread the word on the mental health stigma and have influenced SO MANY people with your inspiring stories and generous support. You are all TRULY AMAZING and have helped me so much with my personal development.  and together we are Ending The Stigma on Mental Health!